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Let's start with a bit of history and geography!

The Electorate of Vulgaria was situated somewhere between Prussia, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Russia and the Ottoman Empire. It exists sometime between 1720 and 1790 and was a minor player during a period of titanic clashes between colossal states. I ask the readers indulgence and beg they not become too agitated at the difficulty of placing the Electorate on a historical map or timeline. In that scholarly work, The Universe in a Nutshell, Professor Stephen Hawking has indicated that multiple universes and timelines are in fact a reality! So is Vulgaria a figment of my own over active imagination or a whisper, which I am privy to, from another time in space?

The country is small and mountainous dissected by many clean rivers and streams. Villages are tucked quietly into river bends and surrounded by virginal forest. The current Elector; Vleg Donislov holds his position for life and in fact casts the only vote. The position is bestowed upon a new Elector by the unanimous vote of his predecessor upon his death. There are unsubstantiated rumors that the Elector has had affairs with both the Empress Elizabeth and the Empress Maria-Theresa. These rumors all seem to radiate from the castle at Swinegrad; the capitol of Vulgaria.

The army is small and modern. It consists of seven regiments of foot; one of grenadiers, one of fusiliers, four regiments of musketeers and one of jaegers. The jaegers are only mobilized during times of national emergency from the ample number of forest wardens and border guards. There are two cavalry regiments; one dragoon, one hussar and numerous independant companies of irregular horsemen. The army is rounded out by a few artillery batteries, a company of pioneers and a large contingent of river wardens. The river wardens act as a local constabulary, ferry toll collectors, tax agents and armed marine. Garrison duties at the castle in Swinegrad are provided by the grenadiers and dragoons.


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A thoroughly enjoyable (and sordid) narrative. . . Oh, and the army description is interesting too ;-) Can't wait to read the next installment!

-- Stokes Schwartz

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