Thursday, August 24, 2006

Blogs of Interest and well worth the viewing!

Let me introduce two fellow bloggers with similar interests. These fine gentlemen are both members of that esteemed online group Old School Wargamers (OSW)! BTW-well worth a look in its own right, a finer group of gamers you'll be hard pressed to find. You will be rewarded with lively debates, friendly challenges and mutual support for our endeavors in our shared hobby. Please check my links for more details.

First; G. Horne, author and owner of the The Duchy of Alzheim!

Greg has posted a number of beautiful pictures of his painted regiments. I'm using his site as an inspiration for mine. Recently, Greg has offered a number of home conversions to his castings that are fantastic. Clearly there is a large amount of material to go thru; however, I have enjoyed his recent posts and slowly reviewing the archives.

Great job Greg!

Second; S. Schwartz, the scholastic historian and archivist of The Grand Duchy of Stollen and its immediate surroundings.

So far we have an excellent story with promises of more to come. I find it interesting that we have both chosen the same area of the world to live in, although Vulgaria has the added pressures of the Ottoman Empire to its south. I like that Stokes has decided to add a belligerent neighbor and a few smaller countries to participate in the mayhem. This is something I had thought to do as well. I am eagerly awaiting the promises of maps and pictures of regiments!

The most recent post suggests an alliance between the two Duchies against Frederick of Prussia. Beware your southern front my friend! The Elector Vleg Donislov is known to be a cad and rank opportunist at times!

Awesome start Stokes!


Blogger Bluebear Jeff said...

Nice blog . . . and I'm glad to see some of our "imaginary countries" getting cross-posted. I can only imagine that the Elector had other things on his mind or he surely would not have overlooked the Principality of Saxe-Bearstein. All he needs to do, of course, is to look in his atlas to see that it is at . . .

While not nearly as well-known in many circles as the Electorate of Vulgaria, the Duchy of Alzheim or the Grand Duchy of Stollen, Saxe-Bearstein is not without some minor notoriety.

-- Bluebear_Jeff

Thursday, August 31, 2006 3:04:00 AM  

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