Monday, May 21, 2007

Pix coming of the finished conversions and a question for the audience.

I would be posting pictures today of the painted conversions except for a slight problem. I was reviewing the Pengel and Hurt volumes on the Russian Army and noticed that I had made a mistake in my painting. I have painted my line Regts with white flag staffs and my Grenadiers with red flag staffs.

Erhmmmm, this is opposite to the information reported by Pengel and Hurt and will need to be rectified. Fortunately as this is a fairly new project we are talking about only a few staffs to be repainted.

Is this really a big deal BTW?

I suspect if we know and can make it right we should. In this case it's easy, although I wonder if I would consider the repair if the mistake were substantially larger.

Oh well and now for a question that perhaps someone out there could be of assistance with.

As part of the Russian Armies train there was a company of Pontooniers. These fellows were not Engineers but were on assignment from the Russian Navy. I have it on authority from a number of good sources that the Engineers wore a uniform similar enough to the artillerists as to be identical. However, I can find no information at all on the uniform of the Russian Navy during the SYW. This formation was present with every incursion into Prussia, and consisted of roughly 60 pontoons, a few officers (the commander was a Navy Lieutenant), and approximately 60 sailors or marines and a dozen naval craftsmen.

Does anyone have any information regarding Russian Naval uniforms from the SYW? I have Googled and check the references that are at my disposal and I have found nothing to date. I suppose I could paint them in Black (very dark Navy Blue) as per current regulations; however, if it's possible I'd rather have some good information to base their uniforms on.

Thanks in advance for the help.


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