Friday, September 08, 2006

A cave with a view!

The cave was most agreeable! Well vented, reasonably dry and warm, especially with a nice fire kept raging in an alcove. Multiple layers of new pine boughs were kept over the cave vent, dispersing any sign of smoke, to prevent detection. So far they had dined on venison, on boar and a very pleasant fish stew. What Helmut wouldn’t give for a few bottles of wine or a beer? Unfortunately as the supplies had been brought in by hand, carried on litter, extra little comforts were simply too extravagant to be easily justified. Helmut had decided to do without and share in the deprivations of the men and boys.

Camp had been established with no problems and for the last week a routine had set in. Two patrols a day; one in the morning led by Helmut and one in the afternoon by Steiger! Opalnitz and the fusiliers had been given the weighty task of guarding the camp, the ruins and watching the lake! Actually the access to the plateau was directly behind the ruins so there was some import associated with the effort. Signs and countersigns of recognition had been set and the camp appeared secure. The Forest Wardens had met them earlier and now accompanied each patrol. The only thing amiss was the poachers! There simply were none to be had anywhere. It would be very bad form to return to the capitol “sans un braconnier”!

“Have you noticed anything peculiar with the Alzheim fishing boats we see every few days Opalnitz?” queried Helmut.

“Herr, they seem to take more then they need and I have watched them dump the excess into those secured pens on their side of the lake.”

“Exactly, the lake is loaded with fish and there seems no end to them. I don’t understand the need to horde. Do you suppose gluttony is a vice of their Prince, Feldwebel?”

“I wouldn’t know sir, I’ve never been to the Duchy or through their lands and I’m sure I have no knowledge of any Alzheimers!”

“Very good Opalnitz, if you or your fusiliers observe anything else unusual with our neighbors across the lake please make note of it and bring it to my attention promptly. Now, you wanted to ask something of me.”

“Yes Hauptmann von Stahl, if I may be so bold, I would greatly appreciate being allowed to send some of the fusiliers on patrol with your regiment. It would augment their training while we operate in the field. I will gladly stay at the camp, although I must confess that I would like….”

“Feldwebel Opalnitz” Helmut interrupted cognizant of his tone to not offend the soldier again. He knew he needed to stop this discussion before Opalnitz managed to talk his way into a patrol leadership position.

“We will be in this location for at least a month, perhaps longer. Let us leave things the way they are currently for another week. As we move into our third week here we will begin to give your boys some patrol experience. It is an excellent suggestion. Additionally, I would like you to have the soldiers not on duty use the excess litters to construct a barricade a few meters outside of the cave. It will add to our security and keep the soldiers busy! You may go now and attend to the guard!”

“Sir!” Opalnitz saluted smartly and left.

That was a disaster barely avoided! Helmut couldn’t allow Opalnitz to lead any of the Bosklosviakov soldiers and he certainly couldn’t let the fusiliers patrol on their own. That was now twice, he would need to be much more careful when engaging Opalnitz.


Blogger Bluebear Jeff said...

You can't imagine how much I'm enjoying this developing situation. I keep checking this blog and that of Alzheim for the newest situation update. I can't help but anticipate some misunderstandings to come.

By the way, my prince, Bruno V of Saxe-Bearstein would be happy to take that overeager Olponitz off your hands if he becomes too much trouble.

-- Jeff, scribe to the von Ursas

Friday, September 08, 2006 5:59:00 PM  
Blogger Poruchik said...

Jeff, esq.,

I suspect you are correct, some misunderstanding or breach of diplomatic protocol appears imminent. Although you can never be too sure, can you?

Regarding Feldwebel Opalnitz, the Elector Donislov asks that you remain patient. No man attains the rank of Feldwebel in the Army of Vulgaria without good cause, regardless of the path of his career!

Major Poruchik
Intelligence Officer
Electors Staff

Saturday, September 09, 2006 9:14:00 AM  
Blogger Bluebear Jeff said...

Major Poruchik,

Please be so kind as to assure the Elector that we of the Principality of Saxe-Bearstein are indeed certain that you speak the truth.

Nevertheless, should things change sometime in the future, we will honor our offer concerning Opalnitz.

-- Jeff, scribe to the von Ursas

Thursday, September 21, 2006 12:01:00 AM  

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