Thursday, March 13, 2008

A question for the readers - If you would be so kind.

I have a question, an informal poll for the readers of this blog.
There are apparently at least two of you and thank you BTW for the comments and encouragement.
Which of the two examples above do you prefer for The National Flag of Vulgaria?
The Black is the common thread in all Vulgarian standards and uniforms, it reminds Vulgarians of their long struggle, if they were able to survive the black days they can survive all.
The great white Boar is a mythical Vulgarian animal that represents the Elector, heroism, sacrifice, stubbornness and a willingness to fight to the death. Bozidar the first Vulgarian chief led his people to this area of the world, although it was inhabited by a great white boar that stood 4 meters at the shoulder. After a week long fight Bozidar prevailed and wore the animals pelt as his royal robes; it was such a large animal that its flesh fed the entire nation for the first year. All wild boars in Vulgaria are believed to be descendents of this animal. They are hunted but never for sport, only for food and fur.
That brings us to the choice; for the red sun or the yellow sun. Clearly the yellow sun would be the new days of Vulgaria moving out of the black and into the light. Alternatively the red sun would represent the blood of the people martyred and sacrificed to provide an independent Vulgaria.
I'm leaning a bit towards the red sun, as the black and red are somewhat indicative of my own anarchist early years.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Vulgarian Standards

It's about time Vulgaria had a Flag!

The top flag is the National or Electors Standard. Every Regiment is awarded one of these. The bottom flag is the Regimental Standard for regiments of foot. The color on the flag matches the regimental color.

So what we have here is the Regimental Standard for the Bosklosviakov Musketeer Rgt. the senior musketeer regiment in the Vulgarian Army.

The great white boar is the symbol of the Elector. As a heraldic device the boar represents stubbornness, bravery and a willingness to fight to the death.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Vulgarian Infantry Uniforms

In order of seniority I present the uniforms of the regiments of the Electorate of Vulgaria. There are also militia, cavalry and a few artillery pieces that will be added to the blog eventually. Additionally unit histories will be forth coming and a battle report. The Pedastool Empire attempted a sortie into the south of Vulgaria through one of the many mountain passes that contect the two countries. It occurred at a time when friendly Russe regiments were bivouacked in country on a joint military exercise.
My thanks to David Linnienblatt of Not By Appointment for the excellent templates to create uniforms with. His website is here: and I highly recommend a visit.