Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A bit off topic.

Vulgaria was established sometime during the late dark ages and became a full fledged Imagi-Nation during the period that coincides with the 30YW. There will be a few pictures of Vulgarians marching off to support the Empire eventually. For now here are a few photos of my first Regiment; a group of Saxons.

Saxons deployed for Action (Flash photo)

Saxons Deployed for Action (No Flash)

Saxons Deployed for Action (Natural Light Lamp-the rest of the photos were taken this way)

Musketeers to the Front!

Mustaches; my wife likes the mustaches!

Pikes to the Front, Musketeers to the Flanks!

Saxons ready to Advance.

Forward, ...Advance!

More mustaches; I told you.

Close up of the Saxon Command.